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The doctors at City Footcare are experts in podiatric surgery. We specialize in corrective and cosmetic foot surgery for bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, joint fusions, corns, calluses, joint problems, bone spurs and all other foot surgery. Please read the below description and our practice philosophy:

Dr. Lawrence Silverberg started City Footcare in 2000. Over ten years later his group of surgical podiatrists includes Dr. Aditi Shastri, Dr. John Lupoli, Dr. Julia Akkerman, and Dr. Karin Johansson. We are dedicated to providing ethical and compassionate, excellent podiatric care. Although all of the associate doctors are more than competent to perform all types of foot surgery, senior partner, Dr. Silverberg makes himself present for every surgery, big or small.

We provide all podiatric services in our three office locations but we specialize in podiatric surgery. We pride ourselves on our bedside manner along with our advanced surgical skills. You will never feel rushed into surgery. We understand that having foot surgery is a big decision. We firmly believe that foot surgery is elective, meaning you choose if and when you have it. We will give you all of the information you need and then you decide if you want surgery.

About Dr. Lawrence Silverberg and what makes him different from any other foot surgeon:

Dr. Lawrence Silverberg has been called the best foot surgeon in New York City. There are many qualities that make him such a great physician and surgeon. These qualities are exhibited both in and out of the operating room. He is also board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Dr. Silverberg is an ethical physician. Upon meeting him you will never feel pushed or rushed into surgery. He will discuss with you all of the conservative options that are available as alternatives to surgery. Unlike many physicians, he spends a great deal of time with his patients discussing in layman’s terms their condition and his treatment plan. He has a unique gift of being able to communicate with patients in terms they understand and using analogies.

Once you decide to have a surgical procedure done, you can be sure you are in the hands of a talented surgeon. There are many qualities that set him apart from other foot surgeons.

Prior to going to medical school, Dr. Silverberg did carpentry work building store fixtures. Since a very young age he had worked with power and conventional tools. The manual dexterity from this kind of work translates directly into the required manual dexterity to perform intricate foot surgery. Additionally, Dr. Silverberg is able to think analytically and picture anatomy in three dimensions.

In his residency training, Dr. Silverberg had the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of surgeons and to perform all kinds of podiatric, orthopedic and plastic surgeries. He applies many of the principles and techniques that he learned from the plastic surgeons in his foot surgery. For example, when performing bunion surgery there is an excessive amount of redundant skin left over after the bone is moved. Most doctors do not address this. Dr. Silverberg employs plastic surgery type procedures called skin plasties in order to reduce this extra skin leading to a more cosmetic outcome. Dr. Silverberg also employs other techniques to make postoperative results look and feel better and to make postoperative pain significantly less. Dr. Silverberg is a favorite of the residents that he trains as he operates like no other doctor.

Additionally, Dr. Silverberg completed one of the oldest, and best, podiatric surgical residencies is in the country. He trained under the best podiatric surgeons, the same surgeon’s that wrote many of the textbooks on podiatric surgery. He was taught how to perform many extensive and complex surgeries that most podiatrists do not perform.

Every Friday Dr. Silverberg performs surgery at Gramercy Surgery Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. Both facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment, excellent anesthesia doctors, and great staff. These qualities are very important to ensure as pleasant of an experience as possible when having surgery.

Dr. Silverberg performs the following foot surgeries as well as many others: Bunion Surgery, Hammertoe Surgery, Joint Fusions, Fracture Repair, Nail Surgery, Corn and Callus Surgery, Bone Spur Surgery, Neuroma Surgery, Flatfoot Surgery, Tendon Surgery, Arthritis Surgery, Wound Care Surgery, Incision and Drainage of Infections, Arthroscopic Surgery, Radiofrequency Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Surgery for Soft Tissue and Bone Tumors of the Foot, Wart Surgery, Laser Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Silverberg is very proud that he is the best reviewed podiatrist in New York City. He has more five-star reviews than any other podiatrist. See for yourself, click on the following links! Look up Dr. Lawrence Silverberg and read the patient reviews at:,, and

Below are before and after pictures of a severe bunion surgery. The after picture is at only three months. The before and after pictures of this patient’s x-rays are below. (click any picture to enlarge)











Another bunion surgery before and after pictures.  The after pictures are 4 years after surgery. This patient had both of her feet done.





The next patient had bunion and tailor’s bunion surgery. Fifth metatarsal osteotomy and first metatarsal osteotomy procedures. The after picture is immediate, still on the operating table.


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