City Footcare NYC

Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

We treat all problems of the foot and ankle.

Non-Surgical Treratments

Many problems associated with the foot and ankle can be treated in the office by nonsurgical treatment options.


Immobilization can be achieved using several methods.

Immobilization is utilized mostly in order to allow injured anatomy or anatomy that has undergone surgery to heal.

Immobilization is achieved using strappings, taping, padding, braces, casts, orthotics, surgical boots, surgical shoes and others.

Injectable medications

The majority of the injectable medications that we use include local anesthesia and steroids.

Local anesthesia is utilized to block pain receptors during procedures.

Injectable steroids were utilized for their anti-inflammatory properties and also their ability to atrophy tissues.


Lasers are used in podiatry for their ability to apply heat in precise pinpoint areas.

The majority of laser procedures are used for the treeatment of nail fungus and skin lesions.

Oral medications

The majority of oral medications used in podiatry include antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), oral steroids, antifungal medications, muscle relaxants, and nonnarcotic and narcotic pain killers.


Many foot and ankle pathologies occur due to biomechanical abnormalities.

Custom orthotics are used in order to compensate for biomechanical abnormalities and to treat subsequent problems associated with them.

Physical therapy

Many foot and ankle problems can be alleviated through physical therapy. Physical therapy performed both in our office and referred out to physical therapy clinics. Physical therapy may include stretching, strengthening, and modalities such as ultrasound, heat, cold, and electrical stimulation.

Strapping, padding and taping

Many foot and ankle problems can be alleviated with strapping, padding and taping in order to immobilize the anatomy and improve biomechanics.


Nonsurgical cryo-procedures are used in order to treat skin lesions.

Many superficial soft tissue masses, including warts, can be treated by freezing the skin.