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Practice Focus:

Effective January 1, 2013, I have changed the focus of my practice. I have explained it completely in the below letter I wrote. Summary: I will still see new patients but I will focus on Podiatric Surgery. When new patients do not require surgery they will follow up with…

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Best Priced Custom Orthotics in NYC

We offer the best priced custom orthotics in NYC. Many insurance plans cover the cost of Custom Molded Orthotics, but many also do not. At City Footcare we like to be fair to our patients. We make real custom orthotics in NYC, not modified over the counter, off the…

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Part II: British Hammertoes are “Wonky Toes”! Before and After Pictures of Hammertoe Surgery

British Patient with “Wonky Toes” About 11 months ago I posted a blog post about my British Patient with “Wonky Toes”. I’ve had numerous requests to post the after surgery pictures of her hammertoe surgery and I finally have some time to do it. Below is the original article…

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When to have bunion surgery when you are not in pain.

My usual readers will know that I do not advocate bunion surgery for cosmetic reasons. My postings usually talk about bunion surgery to relieve pain. Both kinds of pain, shoe pressure and joint pain. (That reminds me of a classic scene from the movie Blues Brothers when the bartender…

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The best hammertoe surgeon! (Including before and after pictures of hammertoe surgery)

This week I did a rather large hammertoe surgery. Additionally, I did another large hammertoe surgery on the same patient just six weeks prior on his other foot. What do I consider a large hammertoe surgery versus a regular hammertoe surgery? This patient had some of the most severe…

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The best bunion surgeon and why!

Bunion Surgery I strongly believe that bunion surgery is an art that necessitates the surgeon to adapt to the subject (the foot). Our orthopedic text books clearly define all of our named surgical procedures and outline exactly how to perform them from the first incision down to bone and…

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Skiing (foot) tips from a podiatrist

I recently went skiing in Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia, Canada. Ironically, I suffered from toe pain on my first day on the mountain. This ironic injury gave me the idea to write a blog on how to protect your feet when skiing. I also figured it would be nice…

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What is a Neuroma? How do you treat Neuromas? and, Alternatives to Neuroma Surgery when conservative treatment fails. Radiofrequency Ablation for Neuroma.

A neuroma is an inflamed, enlarged nerve. Many problems that end in -oma are tumors but this one is not. Neuromas can occur at any nerve in the body but are very common in the foot, which are the ones I will discuss. Neuromas are most often found in…

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What is gout? and… Foot surgery for gout.

Last week I performed surgery on a patient for gout. Well, for a gouty tophus actually. Gout is a metabolic disease that requires pharmacological treatment and diet changes, not surgery. Surgery is, however, indicated for the symptoms that go along with gout. First I will tell you a little…

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Celebrity Podiatrist

Best podiatrist New York City is now Best podiatrist in Los Angeles, at least for a few celebrities… I am happy and proud to announce that my humble New York City Podiatry Group is sought after from people from all over the country. Recently, myself and my associate doctors,…

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